PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Distributor for Ineos Compounds Aycliffe Ltd

CJP Compounds

CJP are the small lot Distributor for Ineos Compounds Aycliffe Ltd.  We supply a range of PVC Compounds which are produced in the UK, based on tried and test formulations which have been developed using 27 years of CJP’s PVC Processing experience.

The CJP service is based around an extensive stock holding of flexible and rigid compounds for both injection moulding and extrusion applications.  Our supply position is for small or large requirements from 25 kgs to 25te.

Technical Service

We offer processing advice and grade development support for all customers, with a full colour matching service.  Our years of processing experience is available to all!!  We have a range of guides for download or we can be contacted and we will help and advise with any query or project.

PVC product range

Flexible Polymers

Flexible Crystal BSS 4 - BSS140

S.G 1.16 – 1.24

Flexible filled BSS 5 – BSS 120

S.G 1.28 – 1.67

Flexible Nitrite grades BSS 30 – 120

S.G 1.17 – 1.30

Flexible clear Nitrile BSS 50 – 80

S.G 1.17

DOP free, antimicrobial available REACH and ROHS ready available to order in any colour. Also alloys with EBA, and Polyurethane

Rigid Polymers

Medium and high impact Calcium Zinc or Tin stabilised High flow moulding grades

Medium and high impact Calcium Zinc or Tin stabilised extrusion grades.

Anti Microbial, Anti static matched to your specific colour to order. Standard black, white and natural from stock. We also offer a wide range of PVC specific masterbatches based on our stock natural base colour.



Lead times: 28 –day colour match

Order Quantities: 25 Kgs – 25,000 Kgs

3 - 4 weeks to delivery (Special makes)