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EBA (Ethylene Butyl Acrylate)

EBA is a soft flexible ethylene that can be moulded or extruded alone to create flexible components

EBA can be blended with other polymers as an additive to improve physical properties

If you process thermoplastics you can
benefit from Lucobit EBA!


Injection Moulding:

  • Impact modification and improved cold temperature properties
  • Compatibilising - Bonding different plastics together that would not normally mix
  • Excellent polarity
  • Over moulding onto other polymers

Blown Film Extrusion:

  • Improved tear strength, puncture and splitting resistance as well as stretch properties
  • Extruder production speed is improved
  • Excellent welding and sealing properties of EBA are useful for food film production
  • Excellent tie layer properties – it binds the different layers together

Sheet Extrusion and Thermoforming:

  • Improved cold temperature impact makes sheets less brittle (ideal for freezer tray production)
  • Increased flexibility and ductility
  • Can be used to modify impact of APET
  • Excellent polarity for multi-layer sheet

Compounding / Masterbatch:

  • Excellent polarity and compatibility with all thermoplastics.
  • Excellent dispersion of pigment

Other Uses:

  • Hot melt applications
  • Bitumen modification
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Swimming pool liners

Lead times: 25 Kgs - 25000 Kgs